Classical Eave Return / by Charles Wermers

Thank you Larry Hill and crew for building a classically correct gable end with returning eave.  I invite everyone to go see Lot 42 at Cavalier Residences and see the great benefits of a little extra effort.

What makes a proper eave return?

 As the moldings break around the corner, the cornice splits at the crown molding’s fillet to create a separate raking cornice and horizontal cornice. The effect is a lighter and better horizontal eave member at the gable.  In this case the return forms a pediment. The raking crown requires a custom trim profile that is proportionally based upon the horizontal crown. 

Below you can see the builder's modern day return, also known as the poor man's return. Compare to the Classical Return to the Poor Man's Return. Note again the lighter feel of the classical return with the thinner horizontal as the crown splits into a raking cornice.  

Thank you @ThisIsCarpentry for the great explanation on you website.